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The following items are required at a minimum to qualify for a GSA Schedule:

  • Do you have at least two years of financial statements? (at a minimum, balance sheets and income statements) that will allow GSA to determine financial responsibility to support government task orders.
  • Has your company sold the service or products you wish to provide to the government (Commercially or Federal)
  • For Services has your company completed at least 3 projects that are applicable to the type of services you wish to sell to the government within the last 2 years and or are ongoing?
  • For Products can you provide invoices of each product to be sold?
  • For certain schedules and some required reports your company may need up to 4 customer references to be obtained.
  • Are you willing to provide your best price (discount) to the government customer?
  • Does your company have the ability to track sales and specifically discounting practices for your services?
  • Does your company have a DUNs number and an current SAM.GOV Record?
  • Does your company have documented historical sales data that can be used to support commercial sales practices?

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions above your firm may be eligible for a GSA Schedule

Vets GSA LLC has provided expert consulting support to a wide array of clientele from Fortune 500 companies to all levels of socio economic qualified small business firms. So whether you are looking to pursue a GSA Schedule or you want to utilize your current GSA Schedule to its full potential Vets GSA LLC is the firm that your company can depend on for consistent growth and results.

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